Our History

Since our founding in 1937, Osborne Partners has been an innovator in the wealth management industry. As one of the first independent investment advisers in the country, we have been a thought leader in the industry for decades.


1st generation

Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge
  • The firm is founded by Phelps Hunter and Jack Stephenson under the name of Hunter Stephenson Investment Counsel.
  • A founder at Dodge & Cox and a Portfolio Manager at Crocker Bank, Jack and Phelps worked in an industry where portfolio management revolved around selling products versus providing unbiased advice. They had a vision there was a better way.


2nd generation

Historical photo of men gathered around analyzing financial data
  • The firm’s visionary philosophy of providing customized investment management resonated with wealthy California families who were fatigued by the common practice of investment firms only selling them products.
  • The second generation was led by Henry Evers (UC-Berkeley) and Ken Berry (Stanford). The firm name became Berry, Hartell, and Evers.


3rd generation

Picture of Charles Osborne
  • The firm’s visionary innovation continues by expanding the investment management approach to include multiple asset classes previously only available to large foundations and endowments.
  • Charles Osborne leads the initiative to incorporate financial planning decades before it became the industry standard.
  • The firm name becomes Osborne Partners.


4th generation

The Osborne Partners Modern Day Team
  • While the rest of the investment industry continues to operate like it’s 1937 by selling products and charging multiple layers of fees, Osborne Partners has taken a visionary idea from 85+ years ago and perfected it.
  • The leadership team, consisting of Justin McNichols, Chuck Else, Sonia Von Berg, and Alicia Cheng, focused on providing top talent with an environment that is conducive to success, allowing the team to focus on their passion and skill.


Our New location in San Francisco on Embarcadero
  • Osborne Partners provides sophisticated investment management, active financial planning, and family office services to over $2 billion in client assets under management across the nation.
  • Today, the Osborne Partners team is comprised of top-performing experts who average nearly 25 years of industry experience and a leadership team averaging 15 years with Osborne Partners.
  • The result? Osborne Partners has extremely loyal clients spanning multiple generations.