July 2023

The web reports are not guaranteed to be fully reconciled against the custodian positions on a daily basis. Osborne Partners makes every effort to provide the most accurate data available on the client portal. The market value of your portfolio(s) is determined based on the transaction data and price files received from custodians daily. The accuracy of data received by each custodian is reviewed and is the primary source for pricing securities.

In determining the net asset value of a portfolio, Osborne Partners uses the following guidelines: (a) for marketable securities, the current market price will be used, (b) for securities for which there exists no active market (including unmanaged assets, privately or closely held securities and limited partnerships, real estate, and other fixed asset securities that are not priced via a national exchange), the firm shall use such information as it in good faith deems relevant to determine the value thereof and value the security periodically, which means the value shown on reports can lag the current market value (in the absence of a readily determinable value, such securities will be valued at cost), and (c) cash will be valued at its dollar value. Osborne Partners shall use such information in good faith as deemed relevant to determine the value.

We urge you to compare portfolio reports received from Osborne Partners with account statements from your custodian on at least a monthly or quarterly basis. If your investment objectives and/or your financial circumstances have changed, please give us a call to schedule an appointment.