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Why Multi-Asset Class Investing Is Poised to Outperform

This whitepaper discusses why, after a period of significant outperformance by U.S. equities, we believe a broadly diversified portfolio of multiple asset classes is destined to outperform a portfolio of U.S. stocks over the coming years.

Hidden Fees

The purpose of this whitepaper is to shed light on some of these hidden investment fees, demonstrate the effect these fees have on investor returns, and offer solutions to help eliminate or minimize many of these fees in order to improve portfolio returns.

The Multi-Asset Class Discipline

In the Osborne Partners investing discipline, portfolios are actively managed over multiple asset classes, using individual securities. These asset classes include global equities, foreign equities, fixed income, natural resources, real estate, and alternative assets.

While each individual asset class has its own characteristics, return profile, and risk in different economic environments, managing portfolios with allocations to multiple asset classes allows investors to experience excellent long-term returns, with far less risk than a portfolio comprised mostly of equities.