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Seeing Green?

To download a printable version of this article, click here: 201810 OPCM – Marijuana Around this time last year, we wrote an article highlighting the increasing signs of speculation and euphoria we were seeing in the burgeoning cryptocurrency market. Our skepticism had less to do with the merit or potential use of cryptocurrencies, and more … Continue reading Seeing Green?

The Risk Of Investing In One Asset Class

To download a printable version of this article:  201810 OPCM – The Risk Of Investing In One Asset Class For many decades, the best risk-adjusted returns were found using a multi-asset class investing approach.  Historically this discipline, used by most of the top performing large foundations and endowments, enabled investors to achieve equity-like returns with … Continue reading The Risk Of Investing In One Asset Class

Foreign Currency Conundrum

To download a printable version of this article: 201810 OPCM – Foreign Currency Conundrum On August 13th, 2018 a headline in the International Business Times read, “Turkey facing currency meltdown and credit crunch fears”. The “meltdown” the article was referencing was a three day, 30% decline in the value of Turkey’s currency, the Lira. Normally, … Continue reading Foreign Currency Conundrum

The Overcrowded Growth Trade

Growth stocks have outperformed value stocks for the past eleven years in nearly a straight line. Most investors are now dramatically overweight growth stocks and growth sectors like technology,communications, healthcare, and consumer discretionary. Recently our investment team is now finding a record number of potential new investments that are labeled value stocks. In this article … Continue reading The Overcrowded Growth Trade

Emerging Opportunities

Times change, but thankfully for longer term investors, short-sighted fear and greed in the financial markets remain the same. 2017 was the best year for emerging market (EM) equity returns since 2009. EM was up 37%, beating domestic equities for the first time in five years. During 2017, the worst peak-to-trough decline was 5%, the … Continue reading Emerging Opportunities