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Foreign Currency Conundrum

To download a printable version of this article: 201810 OPCM – Foreign Currency Conundrum On August 13th, 2018 a headline in the International Business Times read, “Turkey facing currency meltdown and credit crunch fears”. The “meltdown” the article was referencing was a three day, 30% decline in the value of Turkey’s currency, the Lira. Normally, … Continue reading Foreign Currency Conundrum

The Overcrowded Growth Trade

Growth stocks have outperformed value stocks for the past eleven years in nearly a straight line. Most investors are now dramatically overweight growth stocks and growth sectors like technology,communications, healthcare, and consumer discretionary. Recently our investment team is now finding a record number of potential new investments that are labeled value stocks. In this article … Continue reading The Overcrowded Growth Trade

Emerging Opportunities

Times change, but thankfully for longer term investors, short-sighted fear and greed in the financial markets remain the same. 2017 was the best year for emerging market (EM) equity returns since 2009. EM was up 37%, beating domestic equities for the first time in five years. During 2017, the worst peak-to-trough decline was 5%, the … Continue reading Emerging Opportunities

Why Investors Are Focused On U.S. Equities In 2018

For many decades, a multi-asset class approach delivered superior returns with less risk.  By approximately, equally weighting the major asset classes, an investor could earn 8-9% returns with far less volatility than a portfolio comprised solely of equities.  However, in reviewing the last ten years, a simple equal weighting has failed to generate meaningful returns.  … Continue reading Why Investors Are Focused On U.S. Equities In 2018