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Is Osborne Partners a Growth or Value Manager? Yes.

In this article, we discuss the long-term advantages of being a style agnostic manager. The investment management industry tends to assign labels to firms, placing them in various “style boxes.”  Firm A may be a “growth manager” while firm B is a “value manager.”  These various style boxes perform well during certain periods when their … Continue reading Is Osborne Partners a Growth or Value Manager? Yes.

Financial Planning Tax Tips in 2020

On occasion, accelerating income taxes can make sense. For many people, the confluence of the global pandemic and subsequent economic recession has potentially caused the following: employment termination, reduced hours, work furloughs, the elimination of RMDs for 2020 (the CARES Act), and significantly less capital gains due to the precipitous drop in the stock market. … Continue reading Financial Planning Tax Tips in 2020

The Sentiment Virus

After a strong 2019, 2020 appeared to be a promising year.  Unemployment was at a record low, and wages were growing at a faster pace than almost any other time during the decade long economic expansion.  Interest rates were low, consumer credit showed little signs of stress, and the consumer was financially healthy.  2020 was … Continue reading The Sentiment Virus