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Multi-Asset Class Poised To Outperform

Over the past few years, multi-asset class investing has not been kind to many large and well-known foundations and endowments.  Many of these previously solid managers have delivered the combination of poor returns, coupled with high fees, and abnormally high volatility.  Sentiment has become increasingly negative for a management style that delivered the best risk-adjusted … Continue reading Multi-Asset Class Poised To Outperform

Wealth Effect

The first quarter started off with a bang…a new president with new policies and a raise in the interest rates with promises of more to come.  On top of that we had the continuation of the “Trump rally” which has pulled the stock market up 14% since the election.  Driving the market was talk of … Continue reading Wealth Effect

The Premium Bond Conundrum

The investment landscape is full of confusing jargon, but one area that seems to baffle investors more than others is fixed income. In today’s interest rate environment, clients repeatedly ask questions relating to bond pricing. Specifically, clients ask why they pay a premium for bonds, and how this impacts the return on their investment. In … Continue reading The Premium Bond Conundrum